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Love Hallucinations - Golden Genie Album

Consciousness Theory ... Read Into It

Consciousness Theory

Motion Schemes

What Is A Motion Scheme?

In One Way, This Is When You Have Something Happen In A Space Or Gravity Way. Say For Instance You Want To Set Up A Game Of Chess. There Are Certain Paths Of Motion For You With Each Piece. You Can Manage your Thoughts And Consciousness This Way. You Can Even Invent Motion That Wasn’t There Before. Places And Ideas Too, Like The 2nd Subconscious. So If You Want To Say “Psychic” At A Specific Time You Can Do That. Say You Wanted To Feel Gravity At Thinking The Word Love Or Happiness When You Think The Word Faith, You Can Do That. Space Gravity Emotion Energy, All Can Be Used In Motion Schemes To Heighten Your Consciousness Experience. Even Motion Schemes Can Be In Motion Schemes. You Can Use 2 or 3 etc… At A Time. Have Fun And Figure Out The Sexiness Of Your Consciousness.


This Cover Thought Paths And Subliminal Paths Too.


Energy Manipulation

To Keep It Short “Anything” And I Mean ANYTHING You Can Think Of Can Be An Energy. You Can Manipulate With Other Energies, Thought, Consciousness, What Have You.  Energy Power And Force For Example. Omnipotence.

Do Not Ask For The Knowledge Of Power With The Wisdom To Control It.


Psychic Energy

We’ll Come Back To This, Just Know You Can See Into The Future!!!


Good And Evil

Good And Evil






This Means Life Itself Gets Better. It Truly Does. You Can Transcend At Anything.

One Of The Best Things To DO Is Understand Transcendence And Enlightenment And Be A Transcendant.


Instantaneous Reaction

How Have You Been Reacting To Reading This So Far Lol Inside Joke.

You’ve Got It, Sometimes Life Takes That Grand Moment Of Making A Decision Right Then And There.

Some Don’t Think Fast, And Act As If Thinking Fast Necessities Won’t Ever Happen.

React To Life And Practice All Of It.

Life ….”Life!” How Do You Practice Life!? One Day At A Time With Everything You Know.

React, Learn, Then React Again.


Perpetual Bounds


You Know You’re Alive! Forever… Immortal.

There’s Perpetual Energy That You Could Use In Some Way.

Don’t Forget To Love Someone For Forever And A Day. You’ll See Them Again, It’s Life.



Think. Think. Think Again.

How About We Do It And Say We Didn’t Do It.

How About We Don’t Say We Did It And Do It Anyway.

Intellectual Moments Take A Deep Look Into The Mind And Being Of Knowledge Within. This Whole Compilation Is Meant To Stimulate Your Mind Into Several Ideas And  Epiphanies.

The More You Know The More You Grow. You Can Tell I Had Some Great Teachers.

Seriously Not To Be At Frivolousness, You Need To Seek Out Wisdom. Have A Heart To Heart.


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Fucking Priceless

The Fuck
The Fuck Has An Essence
The Fuck Can Be Described Many Ways
The Fuck Is Actually Definitely The Best Thing That’s Happened
Three Minutes Into The Fuck And You’ll See Why
Why You’re Fucking Fucking Breathe
These Are Not Normal Breaths
You Have To Breathe Into The Direct Feeling Of It
You Know How Everything Has A Feeling
This Is A Fucking Paper By The Way
Prepare Yourself By Feeling Through The Day
The Fuck Could Be Immaculate
Don’t Show Up To The Fuck With Bad Emotions
Don’t Present A Mind Fuck
You Just Wanna Fuck
Funny Part Is Everyone Wants To Fuck
Fuck Is My Favorite Fucking Word
Don’t Panic I’m Intelligent…
This Is A Disertation Upon Fucking
There May Be Some Mis-Spelled Words
You Ever Not actually Budgeted Correctly And Tried To Pimp
Fucking Mistake
Hoes Can Do It And Niggas Can’t, Truth Of The Matter
Now Back To Dick And Pussy, It’s Called Fuckin’, Throw Some Head In There.
Nowadays Kids Have Condemns, Back In The Day Everyone Gave Head And Was Like Fuck It
Toothpaste Is For Morning Noon And Night
Don’t Have Cum On Your Clothes
Ain’t This The Funniest Shit That’s Happened
Fuck Someone You Love
Fuck Someone Meaningful
Fuck Someone You’ve Been Friends With For A Long Time
Fuck Someone You Spend Time With
Fuck A Friend
Fuck An Associate
Fuck Anybody … That’s Not Diseased
BTW We’re Gonna Repeat That, … That’s Not Diseased
So What You Sayin Is ‘Yes” Be A Hoe
Some Niggas Call It Pimpin Or Playa
There’s Sumthin Special To This
Now That You Think About It You Missed Fuckin
Check Your Phone For Booty Calls
Get A Job
Go To Some Local Random Happening And Meet Somebody
Don’t Just Not Fuck, Fucking Is Important And Fucking Important
When You’re In The Fuck… Be Knee Deep In The Fuck
The Ooohs And Aaahs Don’t Compare With A Sweaty Needed To Be Aired Out House
Fuckin Day And Night
Fuckin Montage,
You Ever Met A Nymph
Yeah They Got Dildos And We Got Lotion… She Wanna Fuck
Too Many Fuck Without Passion
Deep Intimacy Of The Sort Of Kind Where Your Mind Has To Realize What’s Happening
Then Make A Note To Have It Happen Again
Forgot Yo First Name
Didn’t Know You Was A Freak
You Have To Continue The Fuck
That Shit Needs To Be A Word
When You Get Bored Read This Again
J Smiley Face, Bitches Love Smiley Faces
Fucking Once A Day Isn’t Quality
If You Had A True Fuck You’d Be Fucking At Least 2 Or 3 Times
Maybe A Quickie If You On Schedule
Nut In Appropriate Places
Your Bed Is Cool
Your Carpet Is Alright Too
But The Tile Is Just Not Acceptable, People Can See That
Tiny Ppl That Hadn’t Been Born On The Living Room Sofa
With Company
You’re Trippin
As we Fuck We Must Remember Fucking Is Sacred
Looking At Their Eyes
Hearing Them
Feeling The Heart Of Who They Are
Sensual seduction
Enhanced Senses
Overall Happier In Life ! Fucking Is Priceless
That’s Gon Be The Name Of This Shit And I’m Typing It Without Deciding It
This Is Where I Got It From
When You’re Ready To Fuck They Might Not Be Ready To Fuck
Fucking Intercourse Takes Time… A Moment Of Apparency… They Know
The Drizzle On Them Be Ridiculous But You’ll Waste It Not Making The Right Move
Try Touch Me Then I Can Touch You
Or Imma Touch You Then See If You Touch Me Back
It’s Simple Things Like Getting People High Off They Ass
Let Kissing Be Left Out Of This
We Talkin Bout Fucking
You Ever Loose Yo Rhythm In A Fuck
I Mean Like It Was Obvious
Break That Jive Down To The Atom Of Yo Body
Don’t Just Masturbate To Nut, Do It To Get Better At Sex
Sex Up The Sexiness
Fcuk Got Different Words Like Sex N Shit
Expansive On Yo Bitch Asses
Treat People With Integrity Though
You Never Know When You Might Need That Ugly Hoe
Or That Weird Nigga
Or That Broke Mutha ****a
Can’t Bleep Out The Fuck
The Fuck Too Powerful
Now Don’t Over Fuck
But Nuff Said, It’s Intelligent People Reading This
Head Be The Move
I Remember My First Blowjob
My Mind Just Fucking Orgasmed
I Don’t Particularly Like That Word, Orgasm
Is That An Organism, Naa That’s Head
And Good Pussy
Seriously Though Nut Sounds Cooler
White Stuff
The Blacker The Berry The Sweeter The Juice
You Needed This And Your Miscellaneous Friends On The Internet Need It Too, Share It With Them
Fuck To Get Them Right
Not On Point, Folks Can Get On Point, We Need To Get Right
Somewhat Like This
If You Just Doin It To Feel Good You Off
Do It To Make Them Feel Good Then You Feel Good Then Back And Forth
Up Fucking Fuck Terminology
Back N Forth
Shakin The Bed
Bringing Down The House
Got Yo Eyes Rolled Back
Sexy With The I On The End Just Sexi
Lick Somebody
Smack That Fat Ass Around
Suck On Them Titties
Be Completely Distracted By Sex And Don’t Panic At All
You Ain’t Got Nuthin To Do
Does Everyone Hafta Have Kids
Prolly You’ll Want Em Later On, Spend Yo Early Years Fuckin, B4 u get wrinkles
Imagine, Old People Get Creative Sometimes
You Need To Fuck Like You Just Got Freed From Slavery
White People Fuck Like You Got Crack
Don’t Get So Wasted That You Just Blatantly Got People Pregnant

Bad Ideas … Good Ideas… We Get It It’s The Fuck.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Weed Playlist

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Good For Music

Get Your Quality Professional
Sunday, February 7, 2016
Mixing And Mastering Using Several Techniques. Let’s Check Them Out … … …
Ahead Of Time You Can Email Me At BlueLeaves008@Gmail.com

The Lows Highs And Mids Are Known For Making Great Quality Tracks And Albums. You Need The Engineer Here To Touch A Bit On Those Frequencies.

The Decibel Level Needs To Be Touched For The Flow And Vibe Of The Album (Or Track).

The Difference Between Vocals And The Track Can Make A Difference So If You Have Them Separate That’s A Little More Detail I Can Add. Nonetheless! It’s Going To Be Some Good Work.

I Also Make Instrumentals And Am An Artist Myself With The Vocals.

I’m Using Fruity Loops. Been At It For Years. So If You Have The Original Fruity Loops File That’d Be Really Cool. Again Nonetheless QUALITY WORK.

I Work Directly With The Sound Wave Down To The Closest Zoom, Cause It’s Necesarry.  Lining It Up Like Hairlines At Barbershop, Feel What I’m sayin…

Anywho About The Prices… They’re Negotiable At All Work Put Up To Be Worked On. This Means You Can Get It Done Cheap And On Your Own Wallet/Bank Account.

Tryna Get Your Stacks Up?? I Do Verses For Free With The Vocals.

You Can Reach Me At 678 371 4820 10:00AM – 9:00PM
Again My Email Is BlueLeaves008@Gmail.com

I Also Use Audacity To Give It An Extra Touch. Turn A Knob Here And There And There You Go, Your Music Will Be Good To Go. Holla At Me Folk.

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